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features & benefits

Easy to Operate

Low maintenance and service costs

Metal parts are made of non-corrosive 316 stainless steel or special bronze

Surface design allows water flow through 1.5% of the floors surface area

Improved aesthetic appearance

Supports a live load of 3 people per m2 in dry conditions

Automatically locked using self-locked screws in all positions

Minimizes heat loss and condensation by acting as an overnight pool cover

Area below the floor is free from cables making it possible to use an automatic pool cleaner overnight.

Moves at a rate of 1m in 5 minutes.

Floors can be installed in new and existing pools, with short installation times.

One Swimming Pool. unlimited possibilities.

With KBE movable floors we are offering the ultimate aquatic versatility for your facility. A swimming pool that can be simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid-depth pool for exercise and water games. Installing a movable floor will increase water usage and maximize the swimming pools potential. One pool with unlimited possibilities!