How are KBE floors different than other floors available?

A: KBE Movable Floors move using a motor and spindle system. This means that when the pool is empty, the floor operates the exactly the same as when the pool is full. The advantage to this is that you do not need specialized underwater divers to inspect the floor or hoists in place when the pool is drained. For more information about the differences click here.

Can you tell me about the maintenance requirements for a KBE Movable Floor?

A: We recommend performing maintenance during a facility shutdown when the pool is drained. Maintenance is easy and KBE North America's skilled technicians perform the work, which involves lubricating all moving parts and testing the floor and its components. You simply raise the floor into the highest position and the technician is uses a ladder to perform the required maintenance underneath the floor.

What are the potential safety concerns?

A: KBE Movable Floors are extremely safe and automatically lock using self-locking screws in all positions. The surface of the floor is free from pinch points. All stopping points are determined and checked onsite. When the floor does not cover the entire surface of a pool, a trailing ramp is installed to prevent patrons from swimming underneath the floor. There are electronic depth displays which change as the floor is moved up and down. They indicate the operating depth of the floor and when the pool is not safe for swimming or diving.

Does the movable floor have to be the size of the entire swimming pool?

A: There are many different configurations for a movable floor. The movable floor can indeed be the entire surface area of the pool and can even have built in tilting capabilities. This is very popular for smaller teaching or diving pools. What is most popular in larger pools is the use of a trailing ramp or an interlocking bulkhead. This way the movable floor can just be used in a section of the swimming pools surface area.

How is the floor shipped?

A: All components of the floor are shipped in 40' containers. These components are designed to fit through a standard door. The floor is then assembled onsite by highly skilled and experienced KBE mechanics.