KBE North America systems are designed & engineered just for you.
Supporting & installing Movable Floors throughout North America since 1965.


Movable floors are used to adjust a swimming pools water depth and add flexibility to a facility, allowing operators to easily offer a variety of different programs within the same swimming pool. Expanding programs increases pool usage and results in revenue growth. 

The addition of a movable floor has become extremely popular in many public swimming pools across the world. Private swimming pools have also started to install movable floors, usually with the same finish as the surrounding pool and/or pool deck, creating a uniform surface when the floor is level with the poolside.

One Pool. Unlimited Possibilities.

Founded in 1965, KBE Movable Floor systems are designed and manufactured in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Initially, the aim was to develop and design facilities with the ability to adjust the water depth of swimming pools for educational facilities.

In the 1980’s KBE started to sell movable floor systems worldwide for many different applications – community centres, residential pools, hospitals/therapy centres and educational institutions. KBE is continuously evolving with each and every floor being designed and engineered to the specifications of the clients.

KBE North America is a division of KBE Germany which sells, supports, and installs movable floor systems across North America.